Backing our community


YFS ended 2019-20 in a healthy financial position. YFS’ income increased by 4.5% in 2019-20 due to success in tendering for additional services as well as one-off grants for COVID-19 responses from local, state and federal governments.

YFS received new funding for the Next Step Plus youth support service, an expansion of the Spark employment initiative targeting people experiencing homelessness. and a partnership with ATSICHS to deliver the Community Youth Response and Diversion program. Substation 33 income increased by 29% with increases in sales, grants and sponsorships.

YFS has adopted new accounting standard AASB 1058 from 1 July 2019. Under this new standard the timing of income recognition depends upon whether the transaction gives rise to a performance obligation at the time of receipt. As a result, YFS recognised $180,872 in grants as 2019-20 income even though this funding will be used in year 2020-21.

A second new accounting standard AASB 16 was implemented to recognise our Substation33 and Jimboomba office property leases.

Our Asset to Liability Ratio remained healthy at 5.7%. This was 0.7% lower than last year despite a 7% increase in our assets, due to an increase in staff provisions as
fewer staff took leave in the last six months of 2019-20 due to COVID-19.

In 2019-20 we focused our capital investment on ICT equipment such as surface pros, upgraded laptops and mobile phones, faster and more secure data connection, and safety watches to enable responsive, efficient and effective service delivery as part of our mobile workforce strategy. Capital expenditure in 2019-20 went towards refurbishment of our offices at 376 Kingston Road, Rowan Street and Substation33 to provide better facilities for clients. We installed solar panels in three YFS buildings to reduce our carbon footprint, increase energy efficiency and promote environmental sustainability.

The YFS Board sponsored the implementation of the Thriving Families program, including investing $351,244 from our reserves to fund the team’s first year of operation. Contributions from Logan Together and private donors complemented the Board funding.

Looking forward in 2020-21 our financial situation looks stable for programs with confirmed services agreements for the next 12 months.

Income sources 2019-20

Australian Government
Queensland Government
Fee for service revenue
Subsatation33 business revenue
Interest recieved 8%
Rent from housing and property
Donations and sponsorships

Income sources 2018-19

Australian Government
Queensland Government
Fee for service revenue
Subsatation33 business revenue
Interest recieved 6.7%
Rent from housing and property
Donations and sponsorships

Expenditure breakdown 2019-20

Client contact
Client housing and property
Corporate and related admin expenses
Interest recieved 11.6%
Overheads (depreciation and property)

Expenditure breakdown 2018-19

Client contact
Client housing and property
Corporate and related admin expenses
Interest recieved 12.9%
Overheads (depreciation and property)

YFS partnered with Pathways to Resilience to build our family coaches’ understanding of trauma as we rolled out our Thriving Families Project. The experts at Pathways to Resilience designed a training program that helped our team understand how trauma affects the brain. Our coaches learned to support both parents and children to regulate their responses, build healthy relationships and develop coping skills.

Generous support from Logan Together helped cover the costs of this professional development, which has enabled us to help families improve their ability to thrive after crisis.

Thanks to our supporters, sponsors and funding bodies.

Funding partners 2019-20

  • Australian Government Department of Social Services
  • Australian Government Department of Employment, Skills, Small and Family Business
  • Australian Government Department of Innovation, Industry and Science
  • Queensland Department of Child Safety, Youth and Women
  • Queensland Department of Youth Justice
  • Queensland Department of Housing and Public Works
  • Queensland Department of Employment, Small Business and Training
  • Queensland Department of State Development, Manufacturing, Infrastructure and Planning
  • Queensland Department of Justice and Attorney-General and the Commonwealth Community Legal Centres Program
  • Harris Fields State School
  • Woodridge North State School
  • Springwood Road State School
  • Logan City Council
  • AGL
  • Legal Aid
  • Mater Health Services
  • Logan Together

Supporters and donors 2019-20

  • Catholic Religious Australia Queensland – Presentation Sisters
  • Ursuline Sisters
  • Queensland Government’s 2019 Not Now, Not Ever Together Breakfast
  • Officeworks Loganholme
  • InfoXchange
  • Griffith University
  • Ray and Dick McGuire Legacy
  • Paxton-Hall Lawyers
  • Rise Up
  • Sandra Beynon Publicity (Chillogan)
  • Individual donors to our Christmas, COVID-19 and Thriving Families appeals and to Substation33 and R4Respect